These first three CD's were done under the old name "Academy Band" Each CD contained over 20 tunes/songs

The CD features music from America, Canada, Brittany (France), Galicia (Spain), Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Cornwall, Isle of Man & Greece. 

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Seisiun8's Guitarist & singer Mike Dandreaux's new CD "Travelin' Man"

​Click on the link to hear the title song.

Video clips from March 14th gig at Meadows Tempe Click on the link to play. - Good cup of coffee, Mary Larson - Galway Girl, Mike Weitzman

      audio clips from Seisiun8 Vol I CD, with photos. Click on the link to play. – - Seeger House Waltz, Everyone -  - Wildfire, Vocal Mike D – - The Lea Rig, Vocal Dawn                – - I’ll fly away, Vocal Cindy – - A Living prayer, Vocal Alicia            – - Tennessee Waltz, Vocal Jennifer – - I’ve just seen a face, Vocal Mike W  - - Four strong winds, Vocal Kieth - - Mingulay Boat Song - Everyone - Their first standing ovation  - Jennifer & Heather playing fiddles  - Practicing a Jig set - Jennifer & Heather - Miss McLeod's reel